My name is Simon Frederick (not the photographer who knows Dave Chappelle and Spike Lee). A northerner living in London, trying to make films for a living.

There is too much content on the internet, TV and cinemas. My brain can’t handle all the things that are out there that I like (I can’t even keep up with the latest movies let alone all the new British TV, American TV, podcasts, anime, YouTube, books, ketogenic research, dogs, documentaries, social justice issues, NBA, comic books, music, Yu-Gi-Oh…).

If you are like me and don’t feel like you have a master on any subject but find most subjects interesting then you can probably relate. The aim of this site is to empty some of my brain so there is more space for memes and politics.

I also may post my screenplays on here for maximum plagiarisation.

Thanks for visiting, let me know if it’s shit.